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Crunchyroll appoints Reemsborko as UK and Eire licensing agent for anime properties

Crunchyroll, which connects anime and manga fans across 200+ countries and territories through the content they love, has appointed Reemsborko Ltd as the UK and Eire licensing agent for One Punch Man, JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure, God of High School, Tower of God and Bananya. “Crunchyroll are a great partner and …

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Gucci to launch special collection based on hit anime series Bananya in Crunchyroll partnership

The global anime streaming brand, Crunchyroll has landed a new fashion collaboration with Gucci to launch a selection of special items featuring characters from the original Japanese anime series, Banyana. The anime follows the lives of a cast of tiny cats who live in bananas. The special items created by …

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Crunchyroll details major licensing slate ahead of the autumn anime season

The global anime brand, Crunchyroll, has detailed a slate of cross-category licensing partnerships ahead of the autumn anime season, highlighting not only the diversity of the anime medium, but the global reach of the animation form. “This latest slate of licensing partnerships represents the diversity of anime as a medium, …

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