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Brand masters general: Bulldog’s Rob Corney talks franchise building from the collectable toys space

When the man who had brand managed Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh and GoGos each to their respective runaway successes got his hands on the Shopkins licence, there really could have been only one outcome. Robert Hutchins talks to Rob Corney, founder and MD of Bulldog Licensing about the ever-growing collectables space

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How are toy firms building franchises out of collectables?

Similar to the likes of Pokemon that sprang from the screens of early handheld gaming systems to television, cinemas and shop windows, so too are hit toys outgrowing the toy shelves and building franchises across entertainment and merchandising. Here, Jack Ridsdale examines how the collectable toymakers are building franchises

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Moose Toys’ Claire McGarry on why immersive experiences are vital for brands

Brand extensions are a sure-fire way of keeping fans engaged, and with more pop-up stores and cafés cropping up weekly, it seems this method has proven to be a real success. Claire McGarry, global head of girls at Moose Toys, reveals why the Shopkins pop-up café has been such a triumph

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