Teletubbies grows global reach with host of South Korean licensees

DHX Brands has signed nine new consumer products licensees for the popular pre-school property Teletubbies across South Korea.

It follows the recent launch of the new series in the country on South Korea’ leading public broadcaster, KBS and on streaming services Naver TV and Naver Junior.

The new consumer products line builds on the strategy to expand the Teletubbies brand throughout Asia and capitalise on the ‘significant opportunity in the region.’

The range of new Teletubbies products will include books from Random House Korea, health based products from L2 Communications, bath and sand play toys from Big Tree, toys from Daeyoung Tongsang, footwear from Alphashoe, phone cases and accessories from Coquad, emoticons from Unico Korea and soft toys from Ezen Creation.

“We are thrilled to announce these deals as Teletubbies continues to delight kids and families around the world,” said Tom Roe, commercial director, DHX Brands. “With new consumer products coming in South Korea and a raft of new broadcast and streaming platforms on board, kids and adults alike wil be able to celebrate and share their love of the colourful quartet across cultures and languages worldwide.”

Further to the deals, DHX Media’s distribution arm has signed 19 new broadcast and streaming agreements internationally for the new series, bringing the total number of platforms signed for the pre-school brand up to 54. This now spans more than 100 territories worldwide.

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