Tetris is celebrating its 35th anniversary with a new global consumer products programme

The iconic video game brand Tetris is marking its 35th anniversary with plans to introduce all kinds of new and unique games, apparel, toys, lifestyle goods and more throughout the year and beyond in markets worldwide.

To achieve this, The Tetris Company today announced the continued expansion of its global merchandise licensing agent network with new partners in the United States, Israel, France and Mexico.

“The Tetris brand has reached an amazing 35 years as one of the most renowned video game brands of all time, and is today as popular, if not more so, than ever before among fans worldwide," said Maya Rogers, president and CEO of Blue Planet Software, the sole agent for the Tetris brand.

"We’ve been hard at work to make this an incredible celebratory year, and I’m excited over the many new Tetris-branded merchandise products and experiences that we’ll be revealing throughout the months ahead.”

“A key part of our strategy for continued innovation of the Tetris brand is working with an ever growing lineup of the industry’s top licensing agents around the world. We’re looking forward to working with Brand Fresh Management, SAGOO, Tycoon and LDI moving forward.”

New agents for the video game brand include Brand Fresh Management for the US, LDI in Israel and, SAGOO in France and Tycoon in Mexico.

“Beyond its premier status as a digital game, Tetris is in the zeitgeist of pop culture so it’s an exciting time to come on board as the U.S. agency for consumer products," said Janice Ross, managing partner, Brand Fresh Management.

"It’s a brand with a fanbase across multiple generations who love Tetris not only for the fun game play but for its positive message about how we all fit together. I count myself as one of the biggest fans.”

Tal Degani, commercial category manager at LDI, added: "The gaming licensing world is a growing phenomenon. Therefore, we are thrilled to work with Tetris, the pioneer gaming icon that we envision as a lifestyle brand, which is perfect for home décor, fashion, stationery and more.”

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