The Beano weighs in on Madonna stage fall response

The fail that heard the nation gasp this week has been the subject of many a hilarious meme, as videos of Madonna’s stage diving antics find themselves playing on repeat.

The veteran material girl fell foul of her own costume at Wednesday night’s Brit Awards when she was unceremoniously tugged down a flight of stairs.

After a moment’s stunned silence, the world responded the only way it knew how, with a barrage of internet memes, featuring wrestlers, Toy Story and even Gerard Butler’s King Leonidas from the movie 300.

Now, The Beano has weighed in on the hilarity, with it’s own take on the evening’s proceedings in two cartoons, recently featured in the Daily Mail.

The images star a guffawing Ant and Dec and a shell-shocked Madge, on her swift decent down the stairs.

But perhaps the biggest revelation is Dennis the Menace’s appearance as the source of the gaff, as The Beano star is pictured with a firm grasp on the pop-star’s cape.

Check out the images of The Beano’s Britofamenace, below:

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