The Benelux to get its own Licensing and Merchandising Awards in 2017

Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxemberg will be getting its own licensing and merchandising business awards in 2017.

The Awards will take place on October 17th, 2017 and have been orchestrated by Benelux’s leading licensing and merchandising professionals, Dirk Timmerman and Marc Leemans.

“We are very happy to announce the first edition of this event and we are even happier that the Benelux region will finally get its own licensing and merchandising business awards,” said Timmerman.

“The Benelux region has always been an exciting market in licensing and merchandising, driven by big and small licensees. We are a very unique place where big licenses from Walt Disney and Nickelodeon compete with the characters of Studio 100.”

The awards’ co-creator, Leemans, added: “When Dirk introduced this unique project to me, I did not have to think for very long. In a market that always follows the big trends, it was an obvious move to give it its own awards.”

The 2017 Licensing and Merchandising Business Awards will be held in Antwerp and will feature a roster of international speakers, the awards ceremony itself and an after party starring one of Benelux’s most famous DJs.

Further information on the inaugural event will follow in the coming months.

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