The Emoji Company secures new deal with Nestle Waters

The Emoji Company has signed a new licensing agreement with Nestle Waters M&T in a deal brokered by Universal Music Spain.

The leading bottled water manufacturer, Nestle Waters, has come to an agreement to develop branded Emoji bottles to target and reinforce the kids’ segment.

The deal will bring the iconic Emoji icon in shaped 33cl Nestle Aquarel and Pure Life bottles which will be released in different European territories and Canada during 2018.

The programme will cover different icons featuring different key moments in the year such as summer, Halloween and Christmas.

Marco Huesges, CEO of the Emoji Company, said: “We are thrilled with this partnership bringing the emoji brand closer to our target audience together with the leading bottled water manufacturer Nestle Waters.”

This partnership will secure a solid emoji presence in the water aisle for the rest of 2018 and will be supported with other FMCG activations.

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