The Jim Henson Company launches new publishing division with Enchanted Sisters titles

The Jim Henson Company has launched a new publishing division, making its debut with the launch of the Enchanted Sisters series.

Jim Henson Publishing will introduce the new book series targeting girls aged seven to nine this August with the first title, Autumn’s Secret Gift.

Created by The Jim Henson Company in collaboration with TV and publishing veterans Elise Allen and Paige Pooler, the Enchanted Sisters titles will tell the stories of the four Sparkles: Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer.

The stories will follow their adventures in their enchanted world, as they go head to head against the mischievous Bluster Tempest and the Weeds.

Halle Stanford, EVP, children’s entertainment, said: "When we imagined the concept of Enchanted Sisters, our goal was to create a deep fantasy world with strong female characters in the vein of Labyrinth and Dark Crystal, spreading the idea of individuality and what you believe in.

"What we have created is a rich imaginary world full of adventure, quest, friendship and authenticity. The books empower and encourage young girls to be creative as they explore the wonder of possibility.

"Debuting the Enchanted Sisters via a chapter book series is an ideal way to introduce this new world and characters and engage our audience in such a way that they will seek out their stories across multiple platforms."

The new series will be published by Bloomsbury Children’s Books.

Cindy Loh, US publishing director for Bloomsbury Children’s Books, said: "The Jim Henson company is beloved by kids and parents alike and pairing their insight and creativity with our publishing expertise and platform will craft a very special, unique experience for children who are just finding their way into reading on their own.

"We are proud to be their partner and ambassador for literacy."

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