The Royal Dutch Mint embarks on magical Harry Potter partnership with Warner Bros.

The Royal Dutch Mint has embarked on a new partnership with Warner Bros Consumer Products for the launch of a unique Harry Potter commemorative coin.

The Harry Potter Mirror Coin boasts what the Royal Dutch Mint has labelled the latest in advanced reflection technology and works when a torch light is shone through one side of the coin. 

It has been unveiled at the Harry Potter pop-up store in the new South Passage of Hoog Catharijne.

"The Harry Potter Mirror Coin is a spectacular innovation and allows Harry Potter fans to discover the latest and most advanced reflection technology," said Bert van Ravenswaaij, CFO of the Royal Dutch Mint.

The Harry Potter Mirror Coin features an image of the iconic Hogwarts castle and has been called a ‘must have for every Harry Potter fan and coin collector.’ 

The coin has one empty side and an image of Hogwarts on the other side. When, a flashlight shines on the empty side, the image of the Hogwarts castle reveals itself in the reflection of the light beam. 

The Harry Potter Mirror Coin is available for €14.95 each.

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