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Lisa takes on the role of Elsa, Santa's Little Helper dons antlers and Homer channels his inner Olaf.

The Simpsons tackles Disney’s Frozen in festive couch gag

The Simpsons’ creators have unveiled what they have titled their ‘obligatory Frozen couch gag.’

In keeping with the now festive tradition, the writers have devised a Christmas themed title sequence that opens with the Simpson clan working away in a Santa’s workshop.

The Couch Gag Before Christmas sees the characters of Springfield embrace the holiday spirit: Maggie befriends her nemesis Unibrow Baby, Bart snowboards through the town’s streets while Otto attempts to smoke a Candy Cane.

But perhaps stealing the scene is Lisa’s take on Frozen’s Elsa as she transforms the couch into the princess’s now iconic Ice Palace.

Homer also makes an appearance as Olaf the Snowman.

Check out The Simpsons’ Frozen couch gag below:

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