The week’s most read stories on

Have you been too busy to catch the latest news from the licensing industry?

Well, worry not because we have compiled out list of the top ten most read stories on for the week ending Friday, August 14th.

The top ten most read stories for the week are:

1. Women of the Year Part Five revealed

2. The Licensing Awards 2015 Best Licensed Property finalists revealed

3. Women of the Year Part Four revealed

4. Women of the Year list revealed

5. Jurassic World line perfoming better than expected, says LEGO

6. Women of the Year Part Three revealed

7. Sony Pictures prepares Barbie movie for 2017 launch

8. Sesame Workshop appoints former Nickelodeon exec as SVP content development

9. Trailer for new Bob the Builder series lands ahead of Milkshake debut

10. Jim Henson Co. partners with River Horse for Labyrinth board game

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