The Avenger will be at the Disneyland Park in California to celebrate the launch of Thor: The Dark World

Thor to be Marvel’s first ‘meet and greet’ character at Disneyland

Thor will become Marvel’s first meet and greet character at Disneyland later this year.

To celebrate the release of Thor: The Dark World, the Avenger will be greeting guests at the Disneyland park in California.

On a DisneyParks blog post, it was also revealed that visitors will be able to visit Thor’s homeworld of Asgard, although it was not specified where in the park it will be.

Although the first meet and greet character, Thor is not the first Avenger to grace Disneyland.

Iron Man Tech Presented by Stark Industries gave visitors the chance to suit up in the Mark 42 armour seen in Iron Man 3 while Captain America is scheduled to be appearing in the near future at Avenger Academy on the reimagined Disney Magic cruise ship.

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