Three face jail over fake One Direction apparel

Three people face jail for their part in an operation selling fake goods worth tens of thousands of pounds including counterfeit One Direction clothing.

Kenneth Colley, Anna Strzelecka and Jason Ross were part of a gang which offered counterfeit garments for sale on eBay for three years.

Prosecutors claim the operation made more than £150,000, though this figure is disputed by the defendants. Clothes bearing false trademarks such as One Direction and Boy London were sold on Ebay between 2009 and 2012.

Colley and Strzelecka pleaded guilty to selling goods bearing false trade marks between July 2009 and July 2012 and the court heard the maximum jail term for the offence was 14 years.

The prosecution followed a covert operation by Surelock, working on behalf of TRAP (Trade Mark and Rights Holders Against Piracy) identifying eBay sites and making test purchases of counterfeit merchandise, then working with Plymouth Trading Standards to identify the offenders and raid the premises

Colley also admitted possession of goods bearing false trade marks for sale between the same dates, pleaded guilty to applying false trade marks to goods and admitted possession of a printing unit designed to label clothing with a copy of a registered trademark.

Prosecutors from Plymouth City Council have previously described the operation as a “large commercial enterprise” which netted the gang between £150,000 and £180,000.

Recorder Nicholas Hall adjourned the case until April 25th for a fact-finding hearing to establish the role Colley played in the gang.

A judge will also assess how much Colley and Ross made from the operation and the trio will be sentenced.

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