Thunderbirds helps Posh Paws soar in bag sector

Posh Paws has earmarked the plush bag market as a new staple category for AW and beyond, thanks to the continued popularity of Thunderbirds Are Go.

In partnership with ITV Studios Global Entertainment, the firm has recently secured the rights to launch a range of shaped bags featuring Thunderbird 2 and Thunderbird 4 from the hit TV series.

The collection is being soft launched this autumn/winter before more lines are rolled out next year where the spring/summer back to school market will be the firm’s main focus.

Posh Paws came to the bag market around three years ago, bringing what it bills as ‘great novelty and innovation to the market,’ but believes with the Thunderbirds Are Go licence now in its portfolio, 2016 will seal its position in the new category.

“Thunderbirds Are Go is such an attractive licence to work with simply because it is heritage,” Barry Groves, managing partner at Posh Paws International told

“We are relatively new to the bag market, so getting a high profile boys’ licence like Thunderbirds Are Go has really helped to convince customers that we are really here to stay in this category.

“We had always agreed with ITVS GE that we would go for a soft launch for autumn/winter, but we have had a great response and we are getting excellent vibes for 2016.

Thunderbirds is a classic brand that has moved with the times at every stage, however it still retains that cross-generational affection from the consumers.”

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