Tinderbox’s head of new media, Dan Amos, talks about the future plans for Fable and what sort of partners the firm is looking out for.

Tinderbox’s Dan Amos on why Fable is an excellent fit for licensing

What makes Fable suitable for licensing?

As a ten year old franchise, Fable has proven to have incredible longevity in terms of consumer engagement and loyalty.

The multiple games within the franchise have delivered a whole universe of characters, each with their own unique features and back stories, which all come together to build the franchise’s deep lore and expansive world.

The release of Fable Legends will further develop the franchise, introducing existing and new fans to a new roster of heroes and villainous creatures as well as the most beautiful Albion yet. The combination of a deep heritage, strong fan base, unique, rich, expansive world in Albion, as well as the new innovative content pipeline based around Fable Legends, results in a strong licensing proposition.

What product areas are best suited to Fable?

The franchise offers visually stunning materials and inspiration for the development of a wide range of printed products and collectibles as well as unique apparel and accessories collections, offering fans the opportunity to proudly showcase and share their fascination with the world of Albion.

For example, existing fan favourites, such as ‘Jack of Blades’ and ‘Reaver’, will see extension into collectable action figures, statues, and vinyl. 

With an expected 12 rating, Fable Legends will appeal to a wide demographic, beyond the adult collector market, particularly as the game will be free-to-play on PC (Windows 10) and Xbox One. 

As a 4-versus-1 co-op multiplayer adventure game, with a continually growing cast of aspirational characters with rich back story, unique weaponry and powers, Fable Legends has the potential for a deep range of figurines and collectables.

Overall, what are you looking for in a partner for Fable? Are there any partners already on board for the brand? 

Ideal licensing partners are those who are capable of bringing the world of Albion to life in a way that is truly worthy of Fable’s rich heritage and beautifully developed aesthetic.

The aim is to build key long term partnerships with licensees that can deliver innovative and fun ways to engage with the game’s fans, new and old, over the coming years.

The games have a uniquely British feel (and irreverent sense of humour) that has a strong international following. North America, UK, France, Germany, Australia and Russia are all traditionally strong markets so partners with multi-territory capabilities are at an advantage.

The first licensing partners will be announced at Las Vegas Licensing Expo.

Are there any other video games that you are looking to emulate when it comes to their approach to licensing? 

There are several examples of digital properties that have managed to build successful licensing programmes in the past and overall, the popularity of videogames shows no sign of slowing.

It is an exciting time for the industry and in general, I would say that the opportunities to extend the reach of video games into physical products are plentiful and growing. Fable’s passionate fan base shares considerable parallels with other major entertainment or gaming franchises, but it is the upcoming release of Fable Legends which is most interesting and is guiding the approach we are taking to licensing.

Fable Legends will be innovative in terms of gameplay and business model – not the traditional in-and-out retail release of a new title under the Fable umbrella, but a new ongoing games service with the potential to reach a wide player base. This means that we are perhaps taking a more long term approach to licensing than other video games have been able to in the past.

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