Toei Animation to grow Dragon Ball Super in Spain and Italy

Toei Animation Europe has high expectations for its Dragon Ball Super as the animated series prepares to debut in Spain and Italy this year.

The firm has already secured two new licensing agents to help develop the consumer products programme around the property.

Scheduled for a winter launch on Boing in Spain and Italia 1 in Italy, Dragon Ball Super will be represented by El Ocho Licencias y Promociones in Spain and Portugal and Startbright Licensing in Italy.

The comprehensive licensing programme for Dragon Ball Super will kick off with a master toy line from Bandai and will be targeting a new generation of kids and teenagers.

“Buoyed by tremendous fan support and enthusiasm, we have great expectations for Dragon Ball Super in Iberia and Italy,” said Ryuji Kochi, president of Toei Animation Europe.

“We look forward to partnering with El Ocho and Startbright in realising a fantastic and wide ranging programme.”

Giada Paterlini and Isabella Barone, co-founders of Startbright Licensing, added: “We are very excited about this opportunity of collaboration with Toei.

“Dragon Ball Super is one of the most interesting projects of the last years and we are confident that Italian consumers reaction will be extremely positive. Dragon Ball is ready to conquer a new generation of consumers and we are very proud to represent Toei in Italy, hoping this is the beginning of a long term partnership.”

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