UEFA kicks off search for Euro 2020 master licensee

Are you ready for Euro 2020?

UEFA has put the process of selecting its master licensee for the UEFA Euro 2020 into gear.

The organisation is now inviting all qualified parties to register their interest and request the Invitation to Tender for the master licensee rights for the competition, as well as the UEFA Nations League Finals 2019 and 2021, the UEFA European Under-21 Championship 2019 and 2021, the UEFA European Women’s Championship 2021 and the UEFA Futsal Euro 2022.

The Invitation to Tender process will be administered by CAA Eleven Sarl on behalf of UEFA.

Parties may register their interest by completing the registration of interest form which can be requested from CAA Eleven via

All registration of interest forms must be submitted by interested parties before 12.00 CET on July 3rd this year.

CAA Eleven Sarl is the exclusive marketing agency of UEFA responsible for the exploitation of media and commercial rights relating to UEFA national team football competitions.

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