Universal readies The Mummy Day

A giant 7-ton sarcophagus is set to be unveiled at the Hollywood and Highland gateway in Los Angeles this May to mark The Mummy Day.

Inspired by the upcoming film, The Mummy, on Saturday May 20th, Tom Cruise will also be joined on stage by his fellow co-stars and director Alex Kurtzman to invite fans to enjoy The Mummy VR Zero Gravity Stunt Experience and The Mummy Escape Game at the complex.

The new experience goes behind the scenes with Cruise and Wallis as they perform the Zero G stunt as seen in the movie.

It will also boast custom engineering and software, guided 360-degree motion control, head-tracked 3D audio and haptic integration.

"The Mummy Day marks Universal and RealD’s way of inviting our guests to celebrate the massive and unexpected world of our film before it is released in theaters across the globe in a few weeks," said Nick Carpou, president of distribution at Universal.

"Ahmanet’s tale marks a thrilling twist on a timeless legend, and I can’t wait to welcome all our fans – alongside Tom, Annabelle, Sofia, Jake and Alex ­– as this fearless warrior unleashes her power on today’s audiences."

The Mummy Escape Game will also see fans immerse themselves into a live-action fan experience, where they will be recruited as security guards.

They must solve interactive puzzles to save mankind from the revenge of an ancient princess who has awakened in current day.

Alex Kurtzman, director/producer of the film, added: “The Mummy has been such a labour of love for the hundreds of cast and crew who have worked for the past few years preparing its big-screen launch.”

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