Studio's North American box office best of $1.335bn set in 2012 has been beaten by 2013's $1.352bn

Universal sets new company record for US box office takings

A Universal spokesperson has confirmed that the studio has beaten its previous best North American box office for a calender year, reports Screen.

The total of $1.335bn set in 2012 has been beaten this year with the new company best of $1.352bn as of November 17th.

Added to the studio’s current international box office of $2.2bn, Universal’s worldwide total for the year now sits at $3.49bn.

Universal overtook the previous best marks of $1.794bn for international and $3.129bn for worldwide in August and September, respectively with both previous records set in 2012.

Key movies for the studio in 2013 include Despicable Me 2 on $365.9m, Fast & Furious 6 on $238.7m, Identity Thief on $134.5m, Oblivion on $89.1m, 2 Guns on $75.6m, Mama on $71.6m and The Purge on $64.5m..

Despicable Me 2 on $916.1m and Fast & Furious 6 on $788m are the second and third biggest worldwide performers of the year, behind Iron Man 3 on $1.22bn.

Universal has two more releases to come before the end of the year with Christmas Day openers 47 Ronin and Lone Survivor.

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