New attraction will include Gru’s fart cannon and the chance to dance with minions in the Celebration Room.

Universal Studios Hollywood to open Despicable Me Minion Mayhem this spring

Despicable Me fans visiting Universal Studios Hollywood will have something to get excited about this spring, as the resort opens a new attraction based on the popular movie franchise.

The new Despicable Me Minion Mayhem attraction will encourage interaction with entertainment including Gru’s fart cannon and the chance to dance with minions in the Celebration Room.

The Daily Titan reports that the attraction will be built on the site of the old Terminator ride, situated above the Frankenstein parking garage.

The attraction has been designed to immerse visitors in the world of Despicable Me’s host of minions, featuring memorabilia from the film and large paintings of Gru’s adopted daughters alongside a large model of Gru’s spaceship.

The attraction then puts fans in the role of the minions themselves, as they attempt to help Gru exact his latest plans.

“We learn that the reason why we’re here is because Gru’s next big crime requires us to become minions,” said Jon Corfino, project director and show producer.

“We’re constantly kind of bombarded by these cool interactive effects.”

Fans enter the mansion where they are met by Gru, who informs them they will be transformed into minions.

“Through this storyline, Gru hits us with his fart gun, which smells like bananas because we all know that minions like bananas so there is a lot of cool interactive fun and we’re not even on the ride yet,” continued Corfino.

The ride will open this spring.

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