Smart Planet to launch line of Nesquik branded products, while Evriholder Products introduces 'quirky' drinking straws and spoons.

US: Beanstalk expands Nesquik into novelty appliances and drinking vessels

Global brand agency, Beanstalk is expanding the Nesquik property into a number of adjacent categories and novelty appliances featuring the Nesquik Bunny.

Eco-friendly manufacturer Smart Planet will launch a line of novelty appliances including a Chocolate Fountain and Cupcake/Brownie Maker, both will include Nesquik recipe booklets.

Furthermore, Evriholder Products will launch a variety of branded drinking vessels such as the Sip R Eyes, Puzz L Mug, Mix N Sip, Bunny Sip R and Freez R Pops – each is designed to offer consumers a quirky way to drink their Nesquik.

The Mix N Sip is a three in one slurp spoon that is sized to measure one heaped table spoon of Nesquik powder, while the Sip R Eyes are drinking straw glasses allowing consumers to watch their Nesquik flow through the straw as the drink.

Nancy Bailey, vice chairman of Beanstalk, said: "We are excited to continue to bring the Nesquik bunny to life through product that can further engage both adults and kids alike."

Joanne Crawford-Duner of Nesquik, added: "We are proud to be partnering with two best-in-class manufacturers who offer brand enhancing products that reinforce the Nesquik multi-generational appeal and nostalgia."

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