Pet toys, beds and even t-shirts on the way featuring the cult character

US: Big Tent Entertainment and Kelly Toy team up for Domo pet products

Big Tent Entertainment has agreed a deal with Kelly Toy! for a range of Domo pet products, set to arrive later this year.

The deal will see pet toys, including pet plush, pull toys and balls, pet beds and pet t-shirts featuring Domo land in pet stores across the US and Canada towards the end of 2014.

“Domo can be found in the offices and cubicles of millennials all across the country," said Rich Maryyanek, chief marketing officer, Big Tent Entertainment.

"Thanks to a growing trend in the work place, these same millennials are bringing their pets to work more and more. This new product line will ensure their pets arrive in style.

"Kelly Toy has done phenomenal with our amusement business and this extension is a great fit for Domo.”

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