US: Carhartt rolls out new Eminem-inspired apparel

US workwear brand Carhartt is building on its ongoing deal with rapper Eminem, which will see the launch of exclusive E13-branded products.

The collaboration was developed to help raise funds for the Verses Project, which is a branch of the Community Music School (CMS) in Detroit.

The program works in conjunction with the Michigan State University School of Music to teach students literacy through the art of songwriting.

Available at its flagship store in Detroit for a limited time, special-edition Carhartt jumoers, T-shirts, and hats will be available for fans to purchase.

"The Verses Project provides an excellent avenue for local, passionate students to apply hard work and creativity," said Tony Ambroza, SVP of marketing at Carhartt.

"This fundraising effort between Carhartt and The Marshall Mathers Foundation ensures those in pursuit of their dreams are put in the position to learn the fundamentals necessary to succeed."

Paul Rosenberg, Eminem’s manager and the director of The Marshall Mathers Foundation, added: "It is incredibly important to provide the next generation of Detroit’s youth with the proper resources to maximize their potential.

"That’s why The Marshall Mathers Foundation is so proud to work with Carhartt to continue to develop the literacy and songwriting initiatives fostered by the Verses Project."

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