US: Coca-Cola rolls out NCAA branded bottles

As the official fan refreshment of the NCAA, Coca-Cola has launched a line of commemorative bottles to refresh March Madness fans.

Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero and Diet Coke bottles will all be emblazoned with team logos, nicknames and battle cries for more than 50 colleges and universities.

The limited edition bottles are available now until April 14th, to give fans a way to cheer on their teams.

“Whether you’re a casual or diehard college basketball fan, March Madness offers one of the most exciting game-watching experiences in all of sports,” said Peggy Loos, VP for connections activation at Coca-Cola North America.

“Coca-Cola delivers fans the delicious, ice-cold refreshment they need to follow all of the action, and with our new Share a Coke team bottles, we’re offering a special way to show school pride and celebrate together with family and friends.”

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