US: Disney’s Zootopia outpaces Frozen opening weekend with $73.7m box office takings

Disney’s Zootopia has enjoyed a record-setting debut in its US opening weekend, where its $73.7 million Box Office takings have already outpaced Disney’s award-winning 2013 hit, Frozen.

The latest release from Disney Animation Studios is an anthropomorphic tale of an intrepid rabbit police officer, Judy Hopps who works alongside a fox to solve crimes in the Zootopia animal kingdom.

The feature topped the $67.4 million opening weekend take for its 2013 blockbuster Frozen and outpaced the superhero blockbuster Deadpool, that now in its fourth week has totaled $311.2 million at Box Office and dropped to third place with $16.4 million in takings over the weekend.

Zootopia is now scheduled to land in UK cinemas from March 25th and will be supported with a master toy line from Tomy.

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