US: Marvel launches Marvel Universe Live prequel comic

Ahead of the debut of Marvel Universe Live this summer, Marvel and Feld Entertainment have launched an exclusive prequel comic.

The title aims to give audiences insight in to the story that will play out in the live arena.

Featuring a story by the man behind Iron Man and Wolverine, Frank Tieri, illustrations by Miguel Sepulveda and art by Jay David Ramos, the complimentary comic book is available for fans who pre-order tickets, for a limited time.

The comic book will explore how Thor gained possession of the Cube as well as introducing a new item in the Marvel Universe, the Lectro Link.

The Lectro Link is also being made available to fans as a collectible item, available for pre-order online when they purchase tickets or to buy at the show.

Marvel Universe Live will bring together more than 25 Marvel characters in one story and is framed around the battle over the Cosmic Cube.

“We are excited that even before the live arena action begins, we introduce fans to a piece of all new Marvel lore, the Lectro Link,” said Feld Entertainment executive vice president and Marvel Universe Live producer, Juliette Feld.

“We teamed with Marvel to tell an action packed story in Marvel Universe Live, and this exclusive prequel comic book gives fans an inside look at the fantastic adventure they’ll experience at our show.

“It explains the origins of the Lectro Link and sets the stage for the unprecedented spectacular.”

Marvel Custom Solutions creative director, Bill Rosemann, added: “Which two vile villains attempted to destroy the Avengers with the Cosmic Cube? Did Tony Stark almost destroy Avengers Tower by attempting to analyse the cosmic construct? How did Loki nearly tear apart Earth’s mightiest heroes from within?

“Find out the answers to these colossal questions and feast your eyes on some amazing art in the pages ofthis all-new comic book created exclusively for the audience of Marvel Universe Live.”

The Marvel Live tour kicks off this July making its way across 85 US cities, including Washington D.C, Philadelphia, Nashville and Miami.

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