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New sets and figures will be available in the autumn from Toys R Us.

US: McFarlane Toys unveils The Walking Dead building sets

McFarlane Toys has unveiled a raft of new building sets and figures based on The Walking Dead franchise.

A new category for the firm, the initial brick building line will feature realistic sculpts, light up and shaped featured, iconic environments and dozens of fan favourite characters and walkers.

The series one product line will include building sets, expansion packs and figure blind bags. Prices will range from $2.99 up to $64.99.

The lines will launch in the US this autumn at Toys R Us stores and online.

"Twenty years ago I walked into the action figure aisle, saw an artistic void, and asked, can these toys look cooler?," said Todd McFarlane from McFarlane Toys. "The answer was yes, they could, and I’ve survived twenty years next to the big boys creating those artistic toys.

"Now I’m walking into another aisle with that same question, and the answer is still yes.

"Will these be the best building sets out there? I’ll leave it up to the consumer to decide. But will it look cooler? Yes. Will it be more detailed? Absolutely. Will it be more realistic? I guarantee it."

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