New range based on Frank Costanza's Festivus celebration

US: NECA reveals new Seinfeld product line

Collectibles firm NECA has revealed a new line of products based on the iconic nineties sitcom Seinfeld.

The range is inspired by Frank Costanza’s Festivus holiday, an alternative to the commercialism of Christmas, which includes Festivus dinner, an aluminum Festivus pole and practices such as the ‘Airing of Grievances’.

NECA has products including a Ceramic Festivus Travel Mug sporting the face of Frank Costanza as well as a Festivus set which includes the Festivus Pole and a selection of greetings cards.

The cards are blank inside, so senders can ‘write their own message of non-commercial celebration’

The range is availabe from NECA from October 20th.

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