4D interactive experience sees guests step aboard Le Plunger submarine for an undersea adventure led by Patrick Star.

US: SpongeBob SubPants Adventure heads to Moody Gardens theme park

A new SpongeBob SquarePants 4D interactive experience is set to open at Moody Gardens theme park in Texas.

The SpongeBob SubPants Adventure is located in the Discovery Pyramid area of the park and will take guests through all the stages of a submarine voyage with captain of the vessel, Patrick Star.

The "mission briefing" film prior to the experience explores the coral reefs and highlights the different animals within the tanks surrounding them.

The audience will encounter real sea stars, jellyfish, sea sponges and squids while also learning about the importance of sea-life conservation.

Once the briefing is completed, the doors will open for guests to step aboard Le Plunger submarine and take their 3D glasses and their seat before departing from the dock for open water.

The sub then descends to Bikini Bottom as SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick Star appear through the front window.

Guests will be part of the experience as they have improvised, real-time interaction with Patrick while he takes them to destinations of their choosing through Bikini Bottom.

They can have their fortune read by Patrick in Goo Lagoon, try the jellyfish dating call in Jellyfish Fields or learn a special dance from Sandy Cheeks.

Guests will also try to stop Plankton from taking over the sub in his evil plan to steal the Krabby Patty secret formula.

The 4D aspect of the ride comes as guests will be able to smell the sunscreen, pop bubbles above their heads and hit around a beach ball when the 3D images on the screen transform from digital to real time through 4D sensory elements and live narration. 

The ride opens Memorial Day Weekend.

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