US: YouTube named number one brand among children

YouTube has been named as one of the most favourite brands amongst kids in the US, according to this year’s list of Kids’ Most Loved Brands.

In the 2016 Brand Love Study of six to 12 year olds, which is released by youth research firm Smarty Pants, YouTube is up from seventh place in 2015.

Disney made it into sixth place this year, while Toys R Us reached seventh and the Disney Channel reached ninth.

Other brands including, Netflix, Crayola, LEGO and Nickelodeon also made the shortlist, coming in at 11th, 18th, 21st and 23rd place, respectively.

Dr. Michelle Poris of Smarty Pants, said: "YouTube is no longer competing for kids’ attention, TV is. We’ve moved from a time where TV was always on to a time when YouTube is always a tap away.

“Children feast on the snack-sized content perfectly portioned for their attention spans. And the user-generated content is relatable and aspirational. There’s no denying YouTube is revolutionising how entertainment is being developed and distributed."

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