VEGAS 2015: Mind Candy’s World of Warriors destined for PlayStation

Mind Candy is partnering with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe to bring its World of Warriors franchise to the PlayStation console.

World of Warriors launched as an app on iOS and Android in Q4 2014, being featured in both the Apple App store and Google Play store. In addition, Apple chose World of Warriors as one of its ‘Best Games of 2014’.

SCEE will look to utilise the IP and characters from the World of Warriors universe to develop and deepen the story.

"This SCEE relationship will bring additional expertise, audiences and global distribution to the Warriors franchise," said Darran Garnham, chief commercial officer at Mind Candy. "SCEE and Mind Candy share similar goals for developing new and exciting entertainment for a global audience – it will be a fantastic fit."

Shahid Ahmad, director of strategic content at SCEE, added: "The process of working with Mind Candy on World of Warriors has been one of synergy, mutual respect and a shared passion for the brand vision and the products that will emerge from it.

"We think World of Warriors as a console game is going to appeal to a wide audience and our shared activity will definitely energise the market."

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