Ghostbusters game due in October

Adaptation of science fiction-cum-comedy movie classic being rolled out by Sierra.
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Sierra has revealed that its next-gen Ghostbusters game will hit stores in October on Sony's PS3, PS2 and PSP consoles, Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Nintendo's Wii and DS systems, reports sister site

Showing off the title at its Sierra Spring Break '08 event in Mallorca last week, Ghostbusters looks like living up to the hype surrounding it - both as a video game and an entertainment brand.

According to the developer, Dan Aykroyd is approaching this as if it were the third Ghostbusters movie - and with its array of star talent and official soundtrack, it looks like living up to that promise.

Boasting an impressive-looking physics engine on 360 and PS3 (a demonstration of which took up the first 15 minutes of the presentation), and a more stylised look for the Wii and PS2 versions, this looks set to be one of the top sellers as we approach peak period.


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