Tetris movie to be one of the industry's 'biggest US-China co-productions' to date

$80m movie will be the first in a trilogy.
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A Tetris movie is in the works from Threshold Entertainment Group, Seven Star Works and The Tetris Company.

With an $80m budget, the film, based on the iconic video game, is the being pitched as the first in a trilogy and has been touted as one of the industry's biggest US-China co-productions to date.

“For our debut project, Threshold Global Studios will bring one of the most beloved, cross-generational gaming brands in the world to the big screen as an epic, sci-fi thriller," said Threshold Entertainment Group's Larry Kasanoff, who was also a producer on the Mortal Kombat movie.

Seven Star Works' Bruno Wu added: “Today there are so many great sources on which to build a movie blockbuster and video gaming is certainly an amazing category with its huge international following, so to have this legacy brand, Tetris, is a great, first project for us with Larry, who knows his way around this landscape."


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