The power of mobile as a payments medium explained in new ME report

Taking your brand mobile? All you need to know about monetising them via the phone bill is wrapped up in Mobile Payments 2011.
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1_184_8221_intentmedia reports.jpg's sister publication ME launched its reports division last week, and the first publication explains developments in one of the mobile world's most scrutinised sectors: payments.

Mobile Payments 2011
costs £39.99, and looks at technologies, business models, leading companies, case studies and revenue projections in this dynamic market.

To download it, visit the Reports section of the ME site and check out using your credit card.

Key areas covered include:

* Premium SMS
* Operator billing
* App billing
* In-app payments
* NFC and mobile contactless payments
* NFC trials so far
* ‘Pay by mobile’ for digital goods
* PayPal as a mobile channel
* The single-click credit card checkout
* Square and Bump: physical mobile payments
* Mobile money and banking

The mobile payments area has evolved hugely since the primitive premium SMS message was used to pay for ringtones.

Today, the space has been transformed by the engagement of giant payments companies like PayPal, Visa and Barclaycard. They're using mobile apps as a new channel through which to process payments, enable balance checks, send alerts and more.

They're even exploring the use of contactless technologies like NFC to turn the phone into a wallet and bring mobile payments into the 'physical' world; touch the reader with the phone, pay for things.

Meanwhile, on the web, merchants are discovering the power of the mobile phone bill as a payments medium. 'Pay by mobile' is quicker than credit cards – and it can reach the billions who don't have Visa or Mastercard.

Fast-growing firms like Boku and Zong are emerging to develop this market, and digital goods firms (e-book publishers, casual games sites) are embracing it enthusiastically.

Visit the Reports section of the ME site to download this report.

ME will publish more reports in the coming months. If you would like ME to host your premium content, contact


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