US: Ludlum reacquires Bourne game rights

Firm to develop new partnerships and fully exploit multi-platform potential of Robert Ludlum's works.
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Ludlum Entertainment has reacquired the exclusive rights to develop, publish and distribute multi-platform games based on the literary works of Bourne author Robert Ludlum.

The rights were previously held by Vivendi Games (now Activision Blizzard). In June, Sierra Entertainment - a division of Vivendi Games - launched The Bourne Conspiracy on Sony's PlayStation 3 and Microsoft's Xbox 360.

Ludlum's reacquisition of the rights comes at a good time for the company. It is looking to develop new partnerships capable of fully exploiting the multi-platform potential of Ludlum's content and storylines.

"Robert Ludlum's thrilling stories hold vast international appeal and with their successful translation to both the big screen and the game console, they represent the backbone of one of the leading multi-media entertainment franchises in existence today," said Jeffrey Weiner, chairman and CEO at Ludlum Entertainment and executor the late author's estate.

"We look forward to working with innovative partners in the gaming community and new investors to further extend the reach and appeal of Robert Ludlum's stories and to help write the next chapter for this powerful and timeless entertainment franchise."


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