US: Video games sales soar in March

New NPD data shows Nintendo leading the way as sales jump by 57 per cent during the month.
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Nintendo's Wii and DS software is continuing to make an impact with consumers, with new data from research firm NPD showing that it helped US retail sales of video games leap by 57 per cent in March.

The impressive rise equated to $1.7 billion, said the firm.

Video game software sales jumped by 63 per cent during the month to $945.6 million, way past analysts' expectations.

Nintendo's Super Smash Bros Brawl on the Wii system was the month's best selling game with 2.7 million units sold. Ubisoft's Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 and EA's Army of Two were second and third respectively.

Hardware sales grew 46 per cent to $551.3 million from $377.9 million, with the Wii and DS sales outstripping every other system. Nintendo secured 58 per cent of the game hardware market during the month.

US consumers bought 721,000 Wiis during March, 67 per cent more than in February. The DS enjoyed sales of 698,000 units, followed by Sony's handheld PSP system with 297,000.

Game accessories also accounted for $220 million, up 58 per cent from a year earlier. Xbox Live points and subscription cards were among the best selling accessories in March, along with the PS3 wireless controller.


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