Video: has Ten Minutes with Penguin Ventures to talk its new kids’ book IP

Penguin Ventures’ Ten Minutes to Bed may be targeting the bedtime routine market as it develops its first slate of licensing partnerships, but the team surrounding the property has marked the potential for the IP to reach far wider audiences in the coming months and years.

Penguin Ventures made the headlines once again last month, when the team detailed the launch of Ten Minutes to Bed, a new children’s book IP developed for the first time from within the Penguin Publishing imprint, Ladybird.

The ‘world-building’ IP has kicked off with its Ten Minutes to Bed with Unicorn, Monster, and Mermaid titles, and will introduce its Dinosaur title next year.

The bedtime routine market will be the initial focus of the Ten Minutes to Bed licensing programme, with a plan tailored towards bedtime products such as plush or nightwear. However, speaking exclusively with at this year’s Brand Licensing Europe, Penguin Ventures’ Susan Bolsover suggested it has “applications to move beyond that market.”

“Licensing is no longer a space dominated by entertainment properties,” she told “Licensees and retailers are becoming much more receptive as to where their brands have come from, and there’s a lot out there that is reflective of that.”

Watch’s exclusive video segment with Penguin Ventures’ creative director, consumer products, live and experiential, Thomas Merrington, and licensing and consumer products director, Susan Bolsover below. 

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