VIDEO: Watch as Nickelodeon sends TMNT’s Leonardo into space

Following a fan vote, Leonardo: Space Captain was the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle chosen to travel into space, with over 40 per cent of the total vote.

The stunt was to promote season four of the animated series on Nicktoons and the upcoming release of the Dimension X action figure range from GP Flair.

"The video of the space voyage is just fantastic and not only does it showcase the toy line from GP Flair but it is also fitting complement to the latest series of the show,” said Marianne James, VP, Consumer Products UK & Ireland & European Retail Sales & Marketing, Nickelodeon & Viacom Consumer Products.

“I’m obviously a bit disappointed that Mikey didn’t win, but the number of votes received was just tremendous and it is clear that Leo was the number one choice for the fans.”

The video of Leonardo’s journey into space has been released ahead of the UK premiere of special Turtles episode “Trans-Dimensional Turtles,” airing on Saturday, April 16th at 5pm on Nicktoons. The episode sees the Turtles are transported to another dimension where they meet their 80s alternate-reality counterparts. 

“It was amazing to see one of our Dimension X Turtles completing his own space jump” said Anne-Marie Noon, boys’ marketing manager, GP Flair.

“Each figure comes equipped with everything needed for an intergalactic adventure such as a space helmet and gravity boots and it was great to see that the equipment worked well for Leo. Am I pleased that it was my favourite Leo that took the leap? You bet! But all of the figures from our spring 2016 collection hold a special place in my heart”

The video of the Dimension X action figure ascending into the stratosphere is now available to view below:

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