Virtual anime pop star Hatsune Miku details licensing push with Reemsborko

The Japanese software company, Crypton Future Media has named Max Arguile’s Reemsborko as the European and Australasian licensing agent for Hatsune Miku, a popular Japanese ‘virtual pop star’ that has risen to fame among anime fandoms across the globe.

First developed in 2010, Hatsune Miku is both a voicebank and virtual performer characterised by the 16-year-old anthropomorph of the same name who boasts a near-tangible real-life presence on stage. She sprang from Crypton’s music creation software which allows anyone to make Hatsune Miku sing their lyrics and melody.

Using Crypton Future’s technology, users can compose their own songs, upload them to the internet, and so the phenomenon of the ‘collectively created virtual singer’ has grown. Hundreds of thousands of uploaded songs, videos and illustrations later, Hatsune Miku has become a famous icon and successful property with a growing merchandise programme.

Hatsune Miku even now regularly tours the world as a virtual singer with a real-life backing band. Collaborations so far include the official Google Chrome advert, Toyota Corolla TV advert, the opening act for the Lady Gaga artRAVE tour, which led to her headlining her own sell-out tours in Asia, North America and, most recently, Europe, and featuring in US Vogue magazine 2016 MET Gala edition.

Max Arguile of Reemsborko, said: “Only two deals have ever been done in Europe – as they have both been incredibly successful, we look forward to pushing into new categories both here and in Australia/New Zealand.

“The fanbase is super-engaged and Miku fans in these territories will be delighted to finally be able to buy quality official merchandise locally, rather than as expensive grey area goods from Japan.”

Guillaume Devigne of Crypton, added: “We have been very happy with our past collaboration with Max, who secured several profitable deals for us as a consultant, and we’re looking forward to working with him at bringing Hatsune Miku closer to her fans in Europe an Australasia through meaningful and exciting new products.”

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