After a year long dispute the Canadian DJ and Disney have reached an 'amicable decision' over the use of the Mouse Head the artist wears on stage.

Walt Disney Company and Deadmau5 settle Mouse Ears trademark dispute

Canadian DJ known as Deadmau5 and The Walt Disney Company have reached an agreement over the big-eared mouse head the musician wears on stage.

The legal dispute that has lasted over a year has seen the DJ – real name Joel Zimmerman – attempt to register the shape of his headwear with the US patent and trademark office.

Zimmerman wanted to use the shape on other merchandise such as electronic equipment, entertainment services and BMX bikes.

However, in September 2014, Disney opposed to the attempt and argued that the mouse’s black ears, face, white eyes and mouth would cause confusion among consumers, being “nearly identical in appearance to Disney’s Mouse Ears.”

A lawyer for Zimmerman has now revealed that “Disney and Deadmau5 have amicably resolved the dispute.”

Details of the settlement are not yet available, but Disney is expected withdraw its arguments against the registration.

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