Warhammer’s licensing roster is gaining the brand greater toyshop and retail presence

You can expect Warhammer to take up more presence within toy shops and hobby gaming stores thanks to the company’s growing licensing portfolio, its head of licensing has told ToyNews.

The firm has made concerted efforts to build its licensing programme through a growing number of collaborations that will see the hobby and tabletop gaming franchise strike greater brand awareness outside of its Games Workshop banner.

The programme kicked off earlier this year when it announced a partnership with Black Library to launch a series of Warhammer books aimed at children aged eight years and upwards.

The move towards enticing new audiences into the Warhammer trope has since been bolstered through a new collaboration with Steve Jackson Games for a Warhammer cross-over with the publisher’s hit title Munchkin.

The announcement was made at this year’s Gen Con where it was revealed that Warhammer 40,000 will meet the three to six player card game for a lighthearted dungeon diving cross branding.

“Deals and collaborations like these will certainly work towards boosting Warhammer’s presence in toy and game shops,” Alexander Thierne, licensing manager at Warhammer, told ToyNews.

“It is a major aim of our growing licensing programme to find shelf space and new audiences outside of the Games Workshop retail space. There will plenty more announcements of this kind coming from us in the coming weeks, all with the drive of enhancing Warhammer’s licensing portfolio and increasing audience awareness and breadth.”

Warhammer brand owners Games Workshop has seen a stellar 2018 so far, having reported doubling profits in the past 12 months with pre-tax profits reaching £74.5 million, up from £38.4 million for the same period one year ago.

The firm currently makes 75 per cent of its revenues overseas.

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