Warner Bros Consumer Products lifts lid on seasonal opportunities at Spring Fair

Yesterday during a session called Character for All Seasons, Paul Bufton, general manager of Warner Bros. Consumer Products UK and WBCP EMEA creative VP Jay Young lifted the lid on the commercial potential and the pure joy of seasonal opportunities that exist for licensees and retailers working with classic animated characters.

The WBCP team now identifies at least ten distinct seasonal opportunities through the year – in other words ten consumer interest peaks; ten opportunities to place small but beautifully formed product ranges in store to create retail stories and to drives sales.

We know that Halloween, Scooby Doo’s tried and tested territory, attracts revenue second only to Christmas. But as Bufton and Young revealed at the show, it’s not only Scooby that can enjoy the spooky fun.

The WB archive is so rich in timeless icons that there are many more pairings between cartoon characters and Halloween gifting that are just waiting to be unleashed. As there are between cartoon characters and gifting for Valentines’ Day, Father’s Day, Easter, Summer, Back to School to name but a few.

Warner has a progressive way of working with manufacturers and retailers which makes tailoring characters to seasonal ranges particularly effective.

The team works on a completely individual basis, over and above existing style guides, to make sure the seasonal lines are on-trend, innovative and huge fun.

Bufton and Young explained how this works and also outlined the opportunities for exclusive SKUs and POS and for working with studio departments to create promotions and events.

As well as showing some great case studies, Bufton and Young shared their tips for how to achieve the most effective seasonal products and ranges.

"We are seeing strong results in seasonal events at the moment and there is great potential to grow the seasonal business by bringing customers something very special," Bufton told

"Spring Fair is a very important date in our licensing calendar, it was great to share ideas in this session and we’re looking forward to developing relationships with new partners that share our belief in great products.’

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