The LEGO Movie producer Roy Lee is rumoured to be overseeing the project.

Warner Bros developing Minecraft movie

Insiders have leaked that Warner Bros is currently working on a live-action Minecraft movie.

Hot on the heels of the (ongoing) block busting success of The LEGO Movie, the studio has now partnered with developers, Mojang AB to bring the popular sandbox game to the silver screen.

The game’s creator, Markus ‘Notch’ Persson, took to Twitter on Thursday evening to confirm the rumours.

“Someone is trying to leak the fact that we’re working with Warner Brothers on a potential Minecraft Movie,” wrote Persson. “I wanted to be the leak!”

The news was first revealed by Deadline Hollywood, which claims that Warner Bros has bought the rights to the franchise and is planning a live-action tie-in.

The site also claims that The LEGO Movie producer Roy Lee will take charge of the project through his company, Vertigo Entertainment.

Comment on the contract for the Minecraft film rights and the level of creative input the Swedish game developer Mojang will hold is still to be confirmed.

Mutterings of a Minecraft film can be traced back to earlier this month when Mojang took lengths to shutdown a Kickstarter project campaigning for a fan made Minecraft film.

Persson added: “We don’t allow […] Kickstarters based on our IP without any deals in place.

“Also, I am very aware that this might be Minecraft jumping the shark, but how often do you get to be part of making a movie?”

Speculation has already begun as to how the studio will transpose the Minecraft essence onto the big screen, as the globally popular videogame boasts little by way of narrative and relies on players to create the world within it.

However, with 100 million registered users worldwide and more than 34 million copies of the game sold across computers, Xbox, PlayStation and mobile devices, the call of Hollywood possibly far outweighs a concern as trifling as plot development.

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