Warner Bros sets new international box office company record

Warner Bros Pictures International registered over $3 billion at the international box office in 2013, the first time the company has ever reached the milestone.

Screen reports that WBPI is expected to confirm a figure in the region of $3.14bn for 2013, passing the firm’s previous best of $2.93 billion set in 2010.

This milestone has been achieved with the help of four releases that each took more than $300m. These are The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug on $424.8m, Gravity with $398.7m, Man Of Steel with $371.8m and Pacific Rim with $305.8m.

Elsewhere, The Great Gatsby took $204m, The Conjuring amassed $179.3m and We’re The Millers registered $118.8m.

The combined grosses for the six US major studios reached an estimated $13.93bn in 2013.

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