Warner Bros to turn George R R Martin’s The Ice Dragon into animated movie

Warner Bros is developing George R R Martin’s fantasy novel, The Ice Dragon into an animated movie with the Game of Thrones creator on board as producer.

First published in 1980, The Ice Dragon is the story of a young girl and the ice dragon she befriends in a land of frigid snow after the death of her mother. Her friendship leads to the ice dragon defending the girl’s world from fiery dragons on a summer day.

Martin’s manager, Vince Gerardis is the executive producer of The Ice Dragon. Warner Bros. Animation Group chiefs Allison Abbate and Chris Leahy are overseeing the project for the studio.

The Ice Dragon is not set in the same world as Westeros in A Song of Ice and Fire, the series of novels first published in 1991, which served as the basis for Game of Thrones.

The HBO drama will return for its eighth and final season in 2019.

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