WB True Classics umbrella brand launches in EMEA

Warner Bros. Consumer Products has launched WB True Classics – a new umbrella brand designed to boost the presence of its classic animation, TV and movie brands at retail throughout the EMEA region.

From on-trend packaging that enables retailers to stock garments on tables in high volume boxes through to fully branded store-in-store POS executions, WB True Classics will serve to help WB brands stand out in retail environments.

By working in tandem with retailers to improve in-store signage and product presentation, the consumer shopping experience in more enjoyable and the potential for sales increases further.

"WBCP is a one stop shop for iconic and timeless brands," said Pilar Zulueta, EVP and general manager, WBCP EMEA. "WB True Classics has been developed as an opportunity for our retail partners in the EMEA region who use our vast archive to continuously refresh their collections, often listing multiple properties simultaneously whilst carrying different product lines for each of these brands, too.

"We are always looking for exciting new ways to offer our retail partners the opportunity to feature more of our timeless brands within their retail environment and so WB True Classics was born.

"WB True Classics is a great example of how we listen to our valued retail partners and respond with a solution that enhances the consumer experience."

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