Welcome to the new look Morning Briefing

Welcome to the new look Morning Briefing.

Yes, we are ramping up our online offering with an overhaul of the daily newsletter, offering you more industry insight, opinions, interviews and breaking news as it happens.

Delivering you industry-leading (and defining) content has always been at the top of the agenda. As times change and media consumption platforms evolve, so too, must the licensing industry’s media.

That’s why, with a renewed focus on our online content and a reinvigorated investment, we deliver you the Morning Briefing, making us the first to bring you the boldest of industry opinion, the biggest opinions, features and news.

You’ll notice we have a new regular slot, too, being the first to your inboxes with the day’s latest content.

It’s an exciting time for with lots more excitement to bring you in the coming months. So, stay tuned.

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