Windles Group wins Social Stationery Printer of the Year at PrintWeek Awards

The Windles Group has been named the Social Stationery Printer of the Year at this year’s PrintWeek Awards.

The award is for the new metallic foil poster range, printed by Windles exclusively for GB Eye. The range, currently expanding rapidly with new sizes and formats, now features licences spanning DC Comics, Sherlock, Doctor Who, MUFC and The Hobbit.

"The Windles print award is a fantastic achievement, there is a lot of incredible print work being produced at the moment and in an industry where there is so much competition and innovation in print it’s a great accomplishment to receive such recognition," said Tracey Allen, company buyer at GB Eye.

"GB Eye always strives to be at the forefront of innovative print, and this award is a great accolade to both the team at Windles for superb print work and the strong desire within GB eye to progress the poster print to new levels."

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