Wisdom Edition’s Phonics School digital books head to China

Enabling Genius has teamed with Wisdom Edition AS to launch a line of Phonics School digital books in China.

The deal will see 16 digital books based on the pre-school series launch for Wisdom’s reading platform, Pickatale, and distributed directly to 20,000 schools across China.

“China offers a tremendous market opportunity for edutainment since parents value education and English language learning," said Hana Rolles, co-founder of Enabling Genius.

“The country has a growing shortage of qualified English teachers, while curriculums and materials used throughout the country are largely decentralised. Wisdom’s Pickatale platform is the ideal place for Phonics School to meet these challenges.”

Wisdom’s COO, Mark van der Maas, added: “Parents and teachers are looking for high quality products that enhance both in-class and after-class learning for children.

"Phonics School tells an engaging visual story which is both entertaining and educational. We loved the story of the letters coming to life and taking children on an edutaining adventure filled with magic.”

The Phonics School series has been licensed by BBC Worldwide Learning and is currently in negotiation with various other broadcasters and platforms.Targeting pre-school children, the series teaches letter recognition, letter-sound association and shape tracing.

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