Worldwide sales of sports licensed merch hits $24.9bn

Worldwide retail sales of licensed sports products have been valued at $24.9 billion, measuring a six per cent growth on last year’s stats.

The growth has been spurred by the spread of many of Europe’s leading sport organisations’ licensing programmes into Asia, the US and beyond.

“Sports licensing has always been big business (just look at sales of English Premier League replica shirts), but now it’s expanding even more rapidly across Europe,” said Anna Knight, brand director, Brand Licensing Europe.

“This is thanks to brands like British Motor Racing, Juventus Football Club and Tour De France stepping their operations up a gear and using international agents to manage merchandising, and also interbrand collaborations that have seen sports companies working with huge consumer brands like Xbox One and Playstation 4.

“Testament to the vitality of the industry, as well as the wealth of opportunities that remain untapped, BLE is boasting its biggest ever sports line-up this year with exhibitors including FIFA, Juventus Football Club, Dakar, tour de France, PSG, Rugby World Cup 2019, Dorna Sports and Kitkase.”

BLE has now published a free in-0depth report called Sports Licensing in Europe, which looks at the opportunities available for sports brands in the world of licensing.

The report can be downloaded here.

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